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Our company supply wide range of pipeline and tank valves to different industries.

We propose industrial quality valves, conformed to the strongest requirements. Our manufacturers have all necessary certificates of EU, API, Russia, as well as ISO 9000 certification.

We co-operate a range of high quality valves manufacturers incl. VE/SVR (Spain), Zawgaz (Poland), Carraro (Italy) and others, supplying its valves to many European and world countries. At the former USSR territory, its valves are installed in Russia (Sakhalin-1/-2 projects, Astrakhan Gazprom branch etc.), Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi refinery), Baltic countries (VKG Oil and Achema chemical factories, petrol terminals) and many other sites.

Valves maybe designed by standards of EU (DIN, EN, BS), USA (ASME, API), Russia (GOST) with pressure classes up to 420 bars; its are applicable in oil and gas exploration, refining, chemical and cryogenic industries, at power stations, cold and hot water supply networks.

Our valves range includes:

Shut-off valves

  • wedge gate valves with different design wedges
  • slab gate and knife valves with high tightness level (incl. zero leakage valves)
  • disc, ball and piston-type check valves, of full pattern and wafer design
  • quick closing non-slam check valves (with axial moving spring loaded disc), incl. large diameters
  • globe and angle valves; plug, needle and angle valves
  • ball valves with spring loaded seat (give high tightness and low torque anytime), both floating and trunnion ball design
  • metal seated ball valves
  • butterfly valves with 2- and 3- eccentric discs (high tightness), with metal-metal and soft seats
  • double block and bleed valves (applied e.g. at manifolds)
  • line blind valves (applied for certain blinding of pipeline)

Special design valves

  • metal-to-metal seats made of hard face (for abrasive media)
  • low emission stem packing, to minimize vapours emission
  • bellow sealed stem, for high or low media temperature operation, or abrasive media
  • fire safe and explosion proof valves; cryogenic design valves
  • coated valves for underground installation
  • pre-assembled valve blocks acc. to customer specifications

Safety and protection valves

  • safety relief valves with the wide range of orifices and settings
  • water hammer arrestors and pressure jump smooth equipment
  • end and line flame arrestors, incl. of anti-detonation design
  • breath and vacuum valves with different designs (incl. ones equipped with flame arrestors, bi-directional valves etc.)

Regulating and control valves

  • flow rate regulating valves – segment ball valves, special design knife and butterfly valves, equipped with appropriate actuators
  • pressure regulating and other control valves, equipped with actuators and instruments
  • ESD valves for emergency pipeline blocking


We assemble valves with any type of actuators (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic ones, also with manual gears). Special actuator designs are:

  • explosion proof and fire insulated
  • fail safe (forced opens or closes when power feed is lost)
  • local and remote operated
  • fieldbus connection protocols to join many actuators with one remote control line

Mounting length and connections

Valve patterns are specified acc. to customer requirements by EU (DIN/EN) or USA (ANSI) standards.

Different combinations of patterns and connections are available, incl. mixed ones like „ANSI pattern with GOST flanges” etc. It gives more flexibility and allows to reach appropriate mounting configuration.






Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information or quotations. We are focused to the long-time and mutual profitable co-operation and will be pleased to have a business to your company.

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